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hart caplan

Are feelings facts?

Here, a feeling is, in actuality, a fact. Let me make a stronger claim: all feelings are facts. They are facts in the same way that the table I am sitting at currently is made of wood and that I am a psychotherapist. All are part of the same category of thing we call facts.

hart caplan

A Critical Review of an adhd classic: Driven to Distraction

But there is a central issue that I have with the literature on adhd, and this is a problem with this book and with the field more generally. My issue is this: why distraction? Or perhaps the question could be asked in the following way: distraction from what?

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Counselling - General
hart caplan

Nightingale’s Senior Clinician Matching Assurance (SCMA)

We are pleased to announce that starting on Monday, July 24, 2023, we will be launching a new way that clients will begin their therapeutic relationships with Senior Clinicians (Senior and Directorial Clinicians) at Nightingale Counselling and Research.

What is adult adhd?

strikethrough aThis is going to be a short one:

Adult adhd is not a thing. It is as I described in my previous post, a corrupt name that follows a corrupt concept.

Adhd is a single phenomena. There is no childhood and adult forms of the condition. If a person is diagnosed with adhd as an adult, it is not a case of adult adhd. It is, rather, the result of a child WHO HAS ALWAYS HAD ADHD not being properly assessed and offered the appropriate supports.