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Shane Trudell

Antipsychiatry and Depathologization in Cormac McCarthy’s Stella Maris

I’m a therapist so I like to see this stuff wherever I look. But Cormac makes it pretty explicit in this book that he is taking aim at the psy-disciplines: at one point Alicia dissects her “reservations about the souldoctors”, saying “Maybe their lack of imagination. Their confusion about the categories into which they’re given to sorting their patients. As if name and cure were one. The way they ignore the total lack of evidence for the least efficacy in their treatments. Other than that they’re fine”

What is adult adhd?

strikethrough aThis is going to be a short one:

Adult adhd is not a thing. It is as I described in my previous post, a corrupt name that follows a corrupt concept.

Adhd is a single phenomena. There is no childhood and adult forms of the condition. If a person is diagnosed with adhd as an adult, it is not a case of adult adhd. It is, rather, the result of a child WHO HAS ALWAYS HAD ADHD not being properly assessed and offered the appropriate supports.