Shane Trudell

Shane Trudell


Shane is a founding partner of Nightingale Counselling and Research. Shane’s work and research in his role as Director are about elevating the potential of private practice counselling therapy, for the benefit of clients, other counsellors, and counselling therapy itself. He works as a mentor, consultant, and instructor on how to ethically contribute to the mental health community through private practice.

Shane is also a member of the BC Search and Rescue “Critical Incident Stress Management” team, where he consults on the Neuroscience of Stress and Resiliency, and has led “Debriefing the Debriefers” workshops after province-wide climate emergencies. He played the lead role in a feature length film on the Neuroscience of Resiliency for these groups facing extreme encounters.

Rates for counselling for Shane are $160+ GST. To support members of the community with affordable counselling, Shane services clients via the Sea to Sky Counselling Community Services Society, the Whistler Community Services Society, Solid State Community Industries (Surrey), and the BC Search and Rescue. 

For those interested in counselling therapy with Shane, please read below to see if you may be a good fit for his practice. Shane is a Senior Clinician at Nightingale with only occasional openings for new clients.

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