In Person and Virtual Counselling

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COVID-Safe Counselling

As we work to navigate the pandemic, we have adapted to ensure the safety of our counsellors and clients, while maintaining the integrity and efficacy of our practice.

For those who desire the highest level of safety, we are proud to offer high quality and secure virtual counselling that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world, with an internet connection. Just a phone is enough.

And for those who expect safety, but want the benefits of in-person care, we rely on proven safety protocols to continue practicing much the same as we did pre-pandemic. With use common symptom screen tools, chairs further than 2m apart, and high quality HEPA-filtering between client and counsellors which allows us to enjoy face-to-face counselling.

Virtual (Video Based) Counselling

Online counsellingSecure and confidential, virtual counselling as a lot going for it: it is COVID-safe for our clients and counsellors, allows our clinic to reach beyond geographic borders, and allows our clients to enjoy counselling from the comfort of their homes and offices.

We use secure and reliable video conferencing software which meets our professional commitments to confidentiality between client and counsellor. All of our counsellors are experienced in delivering high quality counselling virtually, and we welcome new clients to select openly between virtual and in-person, or to choose a strictly virtual schedule. For the vast majority of clients there is no decline in the efficacy of counselling when performed virtually instead of in person.

We ask clients in virtual appointments to find a private location for their conversation, and you are welcome to use your phone, tablet or computer, and speak with us from your home, office, or even your car!

Our Clinics

Vancouver Clinic

Located on Granville St near 16th Ave, our Vancouver clinic is centrally located to serve the wider city.


Squamish Clinic

Our newest clinic, serving people located in the Sea to Sky.

We have a large comfortable office with views of Goat Ridge and the Chief, suitable for individuals as well as couples and larger families.