hart caplan
B.Hons., B.Ed., M.A, M.C., R.C.C.

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hart caplan

Areas of Focus

My fundamental orientation to counselling is existential. At its heart, this approach doesn’t distinguish between cognitions (thinking) and affect (emotions) and the somatic (body). Instead, it (and I) attempt to make contact with the whole of one’s being. After all, we don’t refer to ourselves as “human brains” or “human bodies” but as human beings. This is why talk therapy participates in healing the body, but it also explains why attention to the body can help heal what we generally call mental illness. And in the midst of it all, feelings are the endlessly rich source of information that help connect thinking to the body.

In this way, I don’t think of my practice as curative. Rather, I think of the movement that is achieved in therapy as-being-towards-authenticity: i.e., when one’s interior and exterior and thinking, feeling, and bodily experiences are in concert. The task of therapy, then, is simply to learn to speak in and with one’s own voice.

One of the great therapists of the last 50 years, Irvin Yalom, wrote that “the relationship is the therapy.” This is the cornerstone of my own thinking and practice.

hart’s recent writing

i forgot to take my addictive medication
Meme of the week

Meme of the week: I forgot to take my highly addictive drugs

It’s simply unimaginable that doctors would treat patients this way with any other condition than adhd. But because adhd is generally not taken very seriously by doctors or psychiatrists, this is an easy group of patients to bully. I know that is a harsh word in 2024, but after hearing so many stories about the shitty diminishing way that doctors talk to people with adhd, I think it is appropriate to call it as such.

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Meme of the week

Meme of the week: the carnival

The mood of the carnival is ominous. Clients tell me, as the tweet above speaks to, that the content of their thoughts and the emotional tenor of the carnival is existentially heavy.

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Unmasking adhd
Meme of the week

Meme of the week: “you meddling kids!”

The number of clients that have come into my office with long standing difficulties that they and their families and their health professionals call depression and anxiety and dysthymia and mood disorders and a variety of other mental illnesses but turn out to flow from a lifetime of dealing with undiagnosed adhd is jaw dropping.

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Client Testimonials

For the past 14+ months, I have had the privilege of having Hart as my therapist. During this time, I’ve navigated the most challenging season of my life, including my mother and father’s concurrent cancer diagnoses and the eventual death of my father. This all while managing a set of complex personal circumstances that at times bordered on comedic absurdity.

Throughout this season, Hart was present to bear witness to me navigating each new challenge. At all times he did so with a steady sincerity, providing the comfort of a therapeutic perspective without coddling. He challenged my assumptions and beliefs, offered his candid view when requested, and showed empathy and emotion that highlighted things I had overlooked. As such, Hart and Nightingale have played an integral role in my life this season and for this I’m super grateful. I highly recommend! ☺️

I was in a bad state when I started with nightingale counselling in late 2021. When I reached out for help I was met with a compassion that immediately made me feel like I was in good hands. I was quickly directed to a clinic to receive a diagnosis and ongoing support during and after the diagnostic process. This has been instrumental in my recovery and development. Since starting I’ve found that this is unlike any counselling/therapy you’re likely to encounter. You are made to feel fully seen, understood and supported in whatever you come to table with.

You feel like you are developing a relationship with a real human and not a stiff, stony faced, stand-offish therapist who says nothing in response to your outpourings. There is open conversation and interchange of ideas between you and the counsellor that I have found has helped me affect change within myself in a consistent and meaningful way that I’ve not experienced with other Counsellors over the years.

I can’t endorse Hart and the folks at Nightingale highly enough for the work they do. More importantly, the way they do it.