Getting To Know You –

30 Minute Free Consultation 

Counselling is fundamentally a relational practice. Research and experience demonstrate that the relationship between counsellor and client — above all other factors — is the foundation on which healing is built.

This is why we invite all of our potential clients to meet for a free 30-minute consultation. Whether you’re brand new to counselling and wondering what it might feel like, or want to make sure the fit with a new counsellor is right,
this casual conversation is an easy introduction. Let’s discover together if those feelings of safety, trust, and vision are shared between us. If it is, we’d be happy to join you on your journey of change.

And, as part of our commitment to ethical practice, if for any reason it doesn’t feel quite right, we will do our best to refer to someone who might be a better fit with you. Either way, our free consultation is an invitation
to join us, wherever you might find yourself.