Payment and fees

Please see our rate table.

Yes, please see our rate table and inquire with admin about program eligibility.

In-person attendees may pay by card at the front desk. Online clients put their card securely on file and are charged after each session.

Many of our clients are reimbursed for their sessions via private insurers. Please check that your insurance covers the professional designation of your practitioner, and if you are located outside of British Columbia please ensure it is accepted by your insurer.

Nightingale clinicians include the following designations:

  • R.C.C. – Registered Clinical Counsellor

  • C.C.C. – Canadian Clinical Counsellor

  • M.S.W. – Masters of Social Work

Nightingale practitioners are associated with most of these programs.

Please tell admin in advance which program you are working through to help get connected with the appropriate clinician.

You may be subject to a co-payment depending on which program is subsidizing counselling therapy. Please see below.

Not all special programs cover the entire rate structure for counselling sessions. Co-payments will be taken as regular payments of the reduce amount by card after your session.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your provider covers the particular designations of your counselling therapist.