Evangelos Gkaldanidis,
R.C.C., M.C.

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Evangelos Gkaldanidis

Areas of Focus

For me, psychotherapy is a word (and an experience) synonymous with authenticity. I believe that there is great freedom to be found when one is able to openly express their thoughts, feelings and emotions, raw and unfiltered, without worrying about what others might say or think of them. This is exactly one of my main goals as a counsellor, to be able to provide you with a space where you will feel safe and open to talk about and discuss anything and everything that comes to mind.

Even though I would describe my approach to therapy as integrative, drawing from a number of psychological modalities which I have incorporated over the years through my training and practice, my passion and biggest influence lies in existential psychotherapy. Through its lens, I believe that the road to a healthy ‘’whole’’ (mind and body) lies within living an authentic life, one that feels true and genuine to us. My role as a therapist is to work collaboratively with you and explore or help clear out the pathways that can lead to your authentic self. Throughout this journey I will strive to see and understand how you view and experience the world, not as an individual with a label on them or as someone in need of fixing, but as a complete being that exists alongside me in the very same world.

I am more than happy to talk further about me and my approach and answer any questions that you may have through connecting either in person or online. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and excited to embark on a therapeutic journey together should you choose so!