Online and In-Person

We are proud to be serving our clients both in-person and online.

Our offices have proven COVID-safe practices in place to ensure the safety of both our counsellors and our clients, and we are happy to report that although we have been counselling in-person since May, 2020 (three months into the
pandemic) we have had no transfer of virus in our offices. Prior to appointments, all clients are screened for symptoms.

Counselling during a pandemic?

Many people are wondering if counselling can be helpful right now. After all, isn’t everyone going through the same thing, therapists included?

The truth is that the same methods that work for our clients year round are proving to be effective now. We can’t create any more space in your household or speed up the production of a vaccine, but that’s not the way we help.

It isn’t what we’re dealing with that changes with good counselling, but how we respond to it. This is a unique time, but the same methods we use to help people respond to difficult feelings, challenging relationships,
and shifting futures are as powerful now as ever.