Meme of the week: I forgot to take my highly addictive drugs

i forgot to take my addictive medication

It’s simply unimaginable that doctors would treat patients this way with any other condition than adhd. But because adhd is generally not taken very seriously by doctors or psychiatrists, this is an easy group of patients to bully. I know that is a harsh word in 2024, but after hearing so many stories about the shitty diminishing way that doctors talk to people with adhd, I think it is appropriate to call it as such.

Meme of the week: the carnival

The mood of the carnival is ominous. Clients tell me, as the tweet above speaks to, that the content of their thoughts and the emotional tenor of the carnival is existentially heavy.

Meme of the week: “you meddling kids!”

Unmasking adhd

The number of clients that have come into my office with long standing difficulties that they and their families and their health professionals call depression and anxiety and dysthymia and mood disorders and a variety of other mental illnesses but turn out to flow from a lifetime of dealing with undiagnosed adhd is jaw dropping.

Meme of the week: my clothes felt weird


I love this one, because in two short sentences, the author conveys a sense of some of the ways—there are many more—in which those of us with adhd experience sensory/perceptual overwhelm that might be surprising to neurotypical readers.