Covid-19 Stress Infographic

We produced this infographic for our colleagues at Envision Physiotherapy as a guide to help them assess the levels of stress and the resiliency of coping strategies in their patients. We present it here as a (hopefully) helpful guide in assisting readers to assess their own levels of stress and capacity to cope.

The “Stress Container” Explained, Part II

There is a high cost to our powerful coping strategies, and this is why they often only work temporarily. At some point, the costs come to outweigh the benefits. When these coping systems exhaust their temporary efficacy, they start to progressively add more stress then they eliminate.

The “Stress Container” Explained, Part I

The size of your container is largely formed during early childhood. Children who are supported in the experience of appropriate stress—neither too much nor too little—can more easily tolerate large volumes of stress.