Carolina Radovan

Carolina Radovan


My philosophy as a counsellor is founded on a collaborative approach. Together, we explore perspectives, abilities, strengths you can draw from, as well as barriers that may be impeding the changes you seek. We are all experts of our own lives and you possess important knowledge, skills, and abilities vital to making changes in your life. Two counselling theories I identify most with include: Narrative Therapy and Existentialism.

Narrative Therapy can be described as our lives understood through stories or truths that influence how we navigate and experience the world. A story can be as simple as I am not smart enough to succeed in life. Believing this story could translate into not applying for the jobs you want or declining opportunities for fear of failure. Identifying and exploring the beliefs that influence you provides you an opportunity to change your story (or narrative). Even a seemingly small shift in this story can have a much greater impact in how you experience the world – I share similar traits to people I consider smart. Is my story or belief really true? Or is there another story beneath the surface?

Existentialism is a theory that acknowledges hardship as an integral part of life. It rests on two principal concepts: Humans seek meaning in life and no one can rob us of choice in life. Living through hardship may make you feel as if you have very few choices, but how you react and navigate through hardship is always a choice. The choices you make continuously influences how you experience or feel that hardship. Ideally, through conscious choice, you can live through difficult times from a place of greater certainty, purpose, and strength. Together, we can identify and explore the choices you have to carry you through life challenges.

I speak French, Spanish, and English and can offer counselling services in all three languages.

Contact and Booking

Carolina is currently taking new clients.

She is available for both virtual appointments and in-person sessions at our Vancouver clinic location.

Existing clients are welcome to book into Carolina’s schedule directly by pressing the button below.

For new clients, please  contact us to book a free 30 minute “Introductory Session” with Carolina.

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