Carolina Radovan,
R.C.C., M.A.

Carolina is currently taking new clients.

She is available for both virtual appointments and in-person sessions at our Vancouver clinic location and our North Shore clinic location.

New and Existing clients are welcome to book into Carolina’s schedule at the South Granville location directly by pressing the button below.

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Carolina Radovan

Areas of Focus

EMDR Badge

What happens between the four walls while in session with me? Like your experience watching a movie, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and ideally learn a lot about the human experience.

I will be your fiercest cheerleader through those times where you feel nothing but failure. I will walk alongside you as we try to find your path. We will come up with plenty of social experiments to test our theories of change. We will explore all your resources, to shore you up as you evolve into the person you want to become. Sometimes I will challenge your perspective; sometimes I will wear my bossy boots and ask you to try something new and different; sometimes, when you are feeling incredibly alone in your experience, I will share stories with you that demonstrate that you are not alone. My sense of self-compassion and understanding as a person and counsellor only deepens while working with you. It is my hope that your understanding and love of self will also evolve through our work together.

I want you to find a therapist that really gets you. When you can share yourself fully in session, including the cringe-worthy bits, you’ll know you have a strong enough foundation to build on.

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