Values and Standards

Working at Nightingale

Nightingale Counselling is a private practicing counselling firm with a unique commitment to professional development and the healthy life cycle of the counselling career. We believe in making an exceptional contribution not only to our clients, but to counselling therapists and to counselling psychology as a whole.

Our Values

Organizational Philosophy, Ethics, and Pedagogy

Envisioning and achieving this three-part contribution — to clients, counsellors, and counselling itself — is embedded in all parts of our organization. We recognize that private practice is an integral quadrant of mental health care in Canada, along with nonprofit and social work practices, hospital psychiatric care, and graduate level academics. Implicit in this recognition is that a private practice must be more than an unstructured collection of practitioners, but rather must be engaged in a systems-level pursuit of excellence in our specific quadrant of mental health care.

Nightingale affirms that private practice has the resources to allocate to providing the very highest quality of counselling therapy available, not only equaling the very best evidence-based methods, but actually working creatively, experimentally, and collaboratively — as a coherent system — to literally enhance the work and theory of counselling therapy.

Our Standards

Providing the highest quality of care for our clients

An organization working in the private delivery of healthcare has a huge responsibility, and we believe we can only be as strong as our weakest link. Being leaders in our community means ensuring the highest delivery of service in every counselling session.

To achieve this, we –

  1. Set a very high bar for hiring, making offers to less than 5% of applicants
  2. Are obsessed with learning and teaching and at every level of the organization, and expect the same passion from our team
  3. Are committed to agility, experimentation, and creative practice to ensure we are at the cutting edge of best practices, and hire counsellors who come alive in non-rule-bound environments.

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