Powerful work that makes a difference. Colleagues and mentors to support your growth. A career, not just a caseload.

As leaders in the delivery of counselling therapy, we know that we are only as strong as our weakest link. Our goal is to support clients organization-wide by demonstrating the highest capacity of care in every single one of our counselling rooms. And to support our counsellors by surrounding them with people who are as passionate, curious, and energetic as they are.

Working at Nightingale is different. Our caseloads are dynamic and diverse, and our extracurricular expectations are high. Counsellors at Nightingale need to be eager and able to uphold the very highest standard of care so that we can be confident our clients always receive care on the cutting edge.

We expect more, and we provide more

What do Nightingale counsellors prioritize?

Our Priorities

Our Standards

  • Community — You believe we can only be our best practitioners if we are enfolded in a community of peers, mentors, and mentees, in a process of continuous improvement.
  • Excellence — You believe that the minimum ethical standards of our regulating bodies is insufficient; that we must strive to be up-to-date and excellent.
  • Contribution and Participation — You understand that learning is always bi-directional and you take joy in your role as both learner and teacher.
  • Compensation — You believe you deserve to be rewarded commensurate with your contributions to clients, counsellors, and counselling itself.
  • Set a very high bar for hiring, making offers to less than 5% of applicants.
  • Are obsessed with learning and teaching and at every level of the organization, and expect the same passion from our team.
  • Are committed to agility, experimentation, and creative practice to ensure we are at the cutting edge of best practices, and hire counsellors who come alive in non-rule-bound environments.
  • Being leaders in our community means ensuring the highest delivery of service in every counselling session.

Who makes a good Nightingale candidate 


Your confidence is balanced with curiosity and not-knowing, balanced with wonder at the never-ending quality of the practice of counselling therapy.


You know that you are a good counsellor who provides their clients with good outcomes and enjoy challenges to your practice.


 You look forward to discussion and mutual support.

Obsessed with Development

 You are personally and ethically committed to continuous improvement as part of what it means to participate in the private health care delivery with limited regulating bodies.


Nightingale is not a real-bound environment. You should enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a responsive rather than directive management structure.


You have genuine passion for the field, which your clients and colleagues can feel.

Our Offer

We ask for more, and we give more back. A career with Nightingale Counselling gives you access to

Flexible caseload size,
responsive to your changing needs and goals
A bonus compensation structure to reward committed and curious counsellors
A dynamic and diverse clientele, potentially tailored to your strengths and interests
Systemic access to colleagues, mentors, and mentees
Base Pay
development funding

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