There exists in every person with adhd a 'no' lying in wait. I simply call it oppositionalism. To be oppositional means to stand against something.
Emotional life is changing. Children are taught emotional intelligence at a young age, partners and colleagues expect a higher degree of it than before, and it is more and more a part of popular consciousness. But without being clear on what healthy emotional life looks like, this new focus has created an opportunity for insecurities to run wild.
Low motivation comes in many forms. The truth is that it’s not always easy to get ourselves to do things! When we talk about motivation we don’t usually clarify just what that word means in particular.
The vast majority of people who experience anxiety have what might best be called “high functioning anxiety”. But what does that even mean?
Avoidant attachment shows its face in many adult relationships, including work and friendship, but is most obvious in romantic relationships. This attachment style is seen in the desire to move away from people, to use withdrawal, or to avoid experiences that are exposing, vulnerable, or intimate.
Listen to my fun and wide ranging conversation with Robbie McDonald and Jordan Lane on their podcast Holy Sh*t I […]
Become such as you are, having learned what that is.
In this post I want to lay out a few misconceptions about what trauma is and isn’t, and how to tell the difference, as well as talk about why these distinctions might be important.
Pickle and Pepper
The story of existential psychotherapy told through the lens of a family's relationship to their pet rats.

This is what client-led healing looks like. It naturally reduces pain and anxiety and fatigue, because those are often the natural consequences of living in a left brain world.