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Become such as you are, having learned what that is.
Pickle and Pepper
The story of existential psychotherapy told through the lens of a family's relationship to their pet rats.

This is what client-led healing looks like. It naturally reduces pain and anxiety and fatigue, because those are often the natural consequences of living in a left brain world.

Gandhiji’s Three Monkeys
For just a moment, let us throw away everything we think we know about emotions and consider them in the following way: as sources of information that run parallel with our thinking in language, acting as guides and prompts for our movement in the world.

But let’s say we do learn to integrate our left brain neuroceptions. How does that help us with stress management?

Our society is fixated on the rational left, dominating the more intuitive right, and there’s no shortage of reasons why. But the truth is that for all the good we do when we incorporate our best rational thinking (left) in our decisions, we do ourselves a great disservice when we ignore the rich data from the intuitive right. What is the evolutionary advantage for if we don’t use it?

Colourful Brain

Once we’ve recognized how problems of “affect regulation” impact us and how counsellors participate in the learning of providing space for new insights, one might wonder the following:

  • What exactly are these insights into the nature of healing and change?

  • Are they the same for everyone? (How can that be!?)


There is one single fact that makes this kind of experience so productive for healing and change, something finally being confirmed by the hard sciences in the last twenty years: neuroplasticity.

Confirmation bias is the tendency we all have to look for evidence that conforms to what we already think is so. We see what we expect to see. And if we expect an event or a relationship to unfold in a certain way, then we are likely to perceive that it does, in fact, happen that way.