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The Art Therapy Workshop Series at Nightingale

We are excited to introduce a series of art therapy workshops facilitated by two registered clinical counsellors and art therapists at Nightingale. These workshops aim to foster a sense of belonging for the diverse population of the community and provide an opportunity to explore, express and process human experiences in a creative way through art therapy.

Art Therapy Workshops will be offered once a month starting in November. Join Ann Gudmundson and Faranak Ghorbani in exploring therapeutic themes through art.

The first of the Art therapy Workshop series is scheduled for Saturday, November 25 from 16:00-18:00 and is entitled, Exploring ADHD and Masking using Art Therapy.

time & Date

Saturday, November 25

Future Workshops include the following themes:

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ADHD remains under-recognized in Canada despite being highly treatable. It is associated with a variety of symptoms related to where we place our attention, how intensely (or not) and for how long (or short). Counselling can help learn to recognize the symptoms of ADHD, and also how to understand this experience and better manage it.

Counselling for Men

If you have been considered counselling therapy for your struggles but have wondered about the gender gap, you aren’t wrong. Four out of five Counsellors are women, and the ratio of female clients is about the same. It’s not unreasonable to wonder if men are welcome in counselling spaces. At Nightingale, we are committed to ensuring gender equities in our approach and recognize that men’s experiences with Counselling, as well as the issues they bring to counselling, deserve specific treatment.

Disordered Eating​

Disordered eating at its root is a complex and interwoven set of motivating causes and compulsive strategies and behaviours. It is tempting to wonder “What is wrong with the person?”, but the complexity of these disorders tells a different story. Talk therapy for disordered eating must go beyond merely looking at individual psychology and behaviour. Instead, there must be a three-way focus on the biological and physiological aspects, the psychological aspects, as well as the sociocultural influences.

Children of Narcissists​

The children of narcissists are well-trained to be powerfully tuned into the desires of others. With the gentle help available in a therapeutic relationship, the child can learn to tap into their own desires and needs, to come to believe that their needs are not secondary to those around them, and to be able to first hear and then trust that the information comes to them from their bodies – feelings, bodily sensations, intuitions – is not noise to be ignored, but critical information to be taken seriously and honoured.

Client Testimonials

I was in a bad state when I started with nightingale counselling in late 2021. When I reached out for help I was met with a compassion that immediately made me feel like I was in good hands. I was quickly directed to a clinic to receive a diagnosis and ongoing support during and after the diagnostic process. This has been instrumental in my recovery and development. Since starting I’ve found that this is unlike any counselling/therapy you’re likely to encounter. You are made to feel fully seen, understood and supported in whatever you come to table with.

You feel like you are developing a relationship with a real human and not a stiff, stony faced, stand-offish therapist who says nothing in response to your outpourings. There is open conversation and interchange of ideas between you and the counsellor that I have found has helped me affect change within myself in a consistent and meaningful way that I’ve not experienced with other Counsellors over the years.

I can’t endorse Hart and the folks at Nightingale highly enough for the work they do. More importantly, the way they do it.
puzzle pain
Shane embodies Irvin D. Yalom’s sentiment that “the relationship is the therapy.” It’s the relationship itself that serves as the anchor in our work together. Shane patiently and adeptly took the time to focus on developing a level of trust and comfort necessary in the therapeutic space—something he took quite seriously from the onset.

Shane’s inquisitive mind seeks out the angles I don’t often see and truths I would sometimes rather ignore. Over the span of our many sessions, I have been challenged and encouraged to sit with discomfort, explore anger, hone resilience and find inner strength all in the presence of a curious, compassionate witness. Working with him is very much a worthy investment in understanding oneself more deeply.
The Counselling I've received from Nightingale has improved my life! I'm so glad I took a chance on them. After my first session with Carolina I was very happy that I chose her. She is easy to talk with and makes me feel very comfortable. I leave each session pleased with the results. I highly recommend Nightingale in general, and Carolina in particular! A shout out to Colleen too for always making me welcome when I arrive!
puzzle pain